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The Salvagnini Group designs, builds and sells flexible systems and machines for processing sheet metal: punching machines, panel benders, press-brakes, fiber laser cutting machines, FMS lines, automatic store-towers and software. Thanks to its global presence, the Group offers direct customer service in more than 30 countries around the world.

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It is people who challenge the concept of time by building and implementing new technology. 

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Bli med på plateseminar hos Tysse!
Join the Bending Seminar at Tysse, Norway.
18/19 March 2015

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7-10 Avril 2015 Eurexpo Lyon

La panneauteuse change de forme. Read more

Salvagnini fulfils Norwegian customers' requirements

S4Xe has everything in the right place: a multi-press head for multiple and independent processing, an integrated shear for kit production without waste, an automatic manipulator for precise movements and an optimized machine center for smooth control with no surprises.
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The shortest path from design to production. Create to satisfy the most demanding needs in terms of flexibility, the SL4 is the Salvagnini solution that combines 4 different functions in…
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Perfect in every detail, the P1 panel bender makes the impossible possible. Salvagnini has created an affordable system for all those who until today have only ever dreamed of bending.
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If you’re looking for a stand-alone machine able to satisfy your bending needs, P2lean is your best choice: intuitive enough to work independently, able to efficiently produce a large variety of parts.
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The history and the future of metalworking. In 1977 Guido Salvagnini invented and introduced to the market the first P4 Panel Bender, a numerically controlled machine tool for cold-flat sheets... 
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The L3 is the machine that Salvagnini has dedicated exclusively to fiber. Its cutting-edge technology means that it is able to reach the very highest levels in terms of speed, accuracy...
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L5: experience and innovation. The second-generation fiber laser with a patented compass structure. All Salvagnini laser machines feature revolutionary mechanical and control solutions...
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E3: low production costs, high quality and ease of use. The perfect solution for producing small parts. The Salvagnini E3 electric press-brake range is the winning solution for environmentally friendly...
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B2: perfect part synchrony, the source of quality. The B2 structure is stable and balanced: extremely versatile press-brake can be set according to customer needs, guaranteeing energy savings...
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B3 KinEtic: another press-brake revolution. Salvagnini presents the B3 KinEtic series of press-brakes, the fruit of synergy of the company’s knowledge of panel-bending and brake-forming technology.
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The press-brake cell with a single controller and single program, ideal for automatic light-out solutions. A single machine capable of satisfying all your production needs accurately and effectively.
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S4 + P4 line
Flexible manufacturing system. The S4+P4 line is one of Salvagnini’s most popular solutions. It punches, shears and bends sheet metal totally automatically. The first prototype dates back...
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Automatic Job Shops
In an AJS™ system, panel production through punching, shearing, laser cutting and/or bending is both automatic and flexible, satisfying a wide variety of production strategies, such as lean...
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FlexCell is the new solution designed to increase the capabilities of workshops organized in cells, by combining a panel bender and a press-brake.
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Salvagnini showroom

There are 6 show rooms located worldwide awaiting you to present our machines live in action and show you more of their potentialities: in each of them you will not only experience the latest technology but you will meet with a team of experts who are working for the best solution to match  your production and logistic needs, to introduce you with the Salvagnini technology or deepen your knowledge, to organize technical demonstrations or work with you for product redesign.
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Second-hand equipment
Check out our wide range of second-hand equipment. Guaranteed by Salvagnini.

Lean manufacturing

Decades before James P. Womack formalized the theory he called "lean manufacturing," Salvagnini had been aggressively putting those very same principles into practice in its unremitting drive to eliminate wasted time and wasted materials throughout the entire sheet metal fabrication process....

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Salvagnini sustainability

Salvagnini designs and manufactures state-of-the-art machines that provide total workplace safety and environmental respect. Machines that process metal and are made of metal, an "eco-friendly" material by definition: recyclable, resistant and easy to work...

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