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New at Lisburn factory

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Salvagnini at Mactech 2017

Cairo, International convention and Exhibition center

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Press Brake Buyer's Guide - Salvagnini: The press brake has a new address

As seen in Press Brake Buyer's Guide - Blechexpo Special Edition and Fabtech Special Edition

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Integra's boost by fibre laser

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Panel bender P2L-2120 by Salvagnini: world debut at Blechexpo 2017

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Salvagnini Maschinenbau reaches third place on prestigious HERMES.Wirtschafts.Preis

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With its new factory, Salvagnini Robotica paves the way for the automation of press brakes

Equip'Prod Magazine, September 2017

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Industry 4.0: more than just chaining in sheet metal processing

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Finland and Scandinavia first
Salvagnini's FlexCell production cell for Casemet

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Casemet Oy has presented its new L3 laser and P4L panel bender made by Salvagnini

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