Beyond manufacturing for a smarter future

As seen in Lamiera, October 2022

In the era of digital change and in the current scenario of volatile markets, the sheet metalworking industry is looking with ever greater attention to key topics such as automation, digitalization of manufacturing processes, and sustainable production: this is a perfect backdrop for Salvagnini to present its latest innovations and a new concept, oriented towards the future.

Digitalization, technological evolution and the fourth industrial revolution have led to cultural and industrial changes. The parameters have changed: we are more interested in ideas than things, the mind more than material, bytes more than atoms. Salvagnini has embraced this change: the concept of beyond manufacturing represents exactly this synthesis between production and the future. It is a vision that is directed towards sheet metal, but goes beyond it. In this context the company has gradually eliminated routine and repetitive tasks, activities with low added value which are in some way alienating to human beings, and increased the importance of operators to roles where they manage and control the machines and systems. The market, which is increasingly oriented towards a make-to-order and just-in-time strategy, and the recent pandemic context, are continuing to push the Italian Group in this direction: people must be able to express their own potential, even remotely if necessary.


Not only products but also pre- and post-sales services

The technologies that Salvagnini offers allow operators to produce only what is needed, when it is needed, making the most of the functionality of the machines, which are able to react to everything happening around them, both upstream and downstream, within the production cycle. And, as sustainability ..."