Drentea invests € 3 million in the improvement of production 

Office Republic, October 2018 

Drentea, part of the Dutch VDB-group, invests € 3 million in the improvement of the output and sustainability of its factory.

CEO Bert Top: “This time of transition to a sustainable manufacturing industry offers Drentea plenty of opportunities to realize its sustainable ambitions. Here at Drentea we focus on smart designs, the complete re-use of materials, a production without waste and the use of regional sourced green energy.
Drentea has gained a larger market share in the last years through acquisitions and growth within the VDB Holding to which Drentea belongs. But we also want to achieve further growth by continuing to invest in state-of-the-art production facilities. These investments contribute to a natural evolution towards smart industry for Drentea and result in a doubling of the production capacity “