Evolve with Salvagnini: optimised punching solutions for factory 4.0

As seen in APMEN, December 2021

S1 and S4 have made flexibility their strength, with the patented multi-press head, the technological paradigm around which the whole product range has been designed.

 Punching has long been considered the most rapid, productive, and high-performing technology for flat sheet metal working. With the introduction of fiber lasers and their power increase, the situation has changed: laser productivity has improved considerably, leading to the progressive erosion of the punching machine market even for medium-thickness jobs. Despite this, in some manufacturing contexts – depending on the type of product, the shape of the parts and the productivity required – punching technology still has a decisive role to play.


 S1 and S4: The Theoretical Paradigms

Separation and flow processing are two specific theoretical paradigms that have always driven the development of Salvagnini punching machines, and now characterize them in functional terms. For Salvagnini, punching always involves two phases: the actual punching and then the subsequent part separation. This is the very definition of combined punching: both the S1 and the S4 were designed to increase efficiency and are flexible systems capable of switching from one item to the next, eliminating re-tooling times. In terms of process, the possibility of separating the parts and obtaining a complete, finished product from a sheet of metal reduces the subsequent operations. And reducing the subsequent operations means reducing the lead-times: in an industrial context marked by an increasing pressure to reduce lead-times, this is a practically priceless plus. The separation paradigm is significant: it determines the levels of efficiency and productivity of Salvagnini punching machines, and guides the possible production strategies that can be used.