Imagining, evolving, competing without limitations

As seen in The Machinemaker, 02/04/2019

It is a time when many of the European companies are moving their productions to China, and at the same lowering the performance parameters of the machines made in Europe in a bid to disrupt and divert the attention of customers from performance to price. India is traditionally a very price sensitive market.

This has brought up unfavourable effects to the manufacturing of Indian and Italian companies. But there is a company that has come up to break the notions about Chinese manufacturing, Salvagnini Group. The group believes in making imaginations become a reality without any limitations, by making machines with only one quality and that is “Top Quality”.

Sitting in his office, Riddhish Jalnapurkar, Country Manager Sales (India) of Salvagnini Group reminisces about the journey of Salvagnini group and his excitement about the brand.