It's all about Sheetmetal Velocity
Case history Leer, Inc. USA

MetalForming/November 2016

By Brad F. Kuvin, Editor


The evolution from batch produc­tion to kits has dramatically improved manufacturing efficiency at Leer, Inc., an OEM manufacturer of ice merchandisers, as well as walk-in coolers. That lean conversion to kit production, occurring in 2015, hinged on the successful implemen­tation of a sheetmetal production line that integrates a shear/punch combination machine with a CNC panel bender, all from Salvagnini. Installed at Leer's 200,000-sq.-ft. plant in New Lisbon, WI, early in 2015, the line replaced a more conventional, and relatively inefficient, production process.

Leer's new Salvagnini FMS stars, left to right: a 12-shelf automated material-storage tower, combination shear/punch machine and CNC panel bender. Compared to the more conventional sheetmetal-fabrication process it replaced, the FMS has enabled an evolution from batch production to kitted, and greatly improved output while slashing labor content.