Press brake productivity

As seen in ISMR, November 2021

ATA is a proprietary Salvagnini solution which makes it possible to automatically adjust the length of the bending tools of the Salvagnini B3 press brake to the part being processed.

"This automatic tool adjuster enables users to make full use of the press brake to produce batch-one or kits without compromising on productivity", commented the Italian sheet metal specialist.

To improve the OEE of the B3 press brakes, Salvagnini has introduced a modular and scalable concept of automation that can increase their flexibility and independence, allowing them to adapt when re-tooling and managing the tools according to production. The aim is to reduce the impact of process variables on bending and to provide greater certainty in terms of machining times, costs and budgets.

“The ATA device makes it possible to automatically change and adjust the length of the bending tools,” explains Nicola Artuso, Salvagnini Product Manager for bending technologies. “It is available on many of the models in our range of press brakes, and can be configured according to the customer’s specific production needs: it can be used only for the upper tools, can be integrated with the MVM (the variable opening die up to 51 mm which automatically adapts the V opening) or can be used on the upper and lower tools. It can also interact with the automatic AU-TO tool changer."