Salvagnini's laser cutting machines enhance sheet metal processing

As seen in IPF, Annual 2021

With its progressive shift from a make-to-stock strategy and from the economic batch to a lean, make-to-order, just-in-time strategy, the modern economic and industrial context has been driving Salvagnini’s product development for some time.

“In this sense, we have focused on three main trends,” explains Pierandrea Bello, Salvagnini Product Manager for laser technologies. “The first is that of simplification, developing easy-to-use, lean solutions allowing operators to effortlessly solve some of the everyday problems involved in their work. This category includes for example a series of artificial vision devices, including the recent addition, the NVS. The second area is that of automation, which helps to recover significant efficiencies. The third is that of process optimization, to improve overall factory performance through digitalization and OPS, the modular production management software.”

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