The door to opportunity

As seen in Business Focus Magazine 73, January 2020

Today, it doesn’t take Bradbury Group five days to make a door. It doesn’t even take four days. It takes just four hours. "We put in a large Salvagnini punching and folding machine and in 90 seconds it’ll punch and fold the door skin. We need two door skins to make a leaf, so in three minutes we have the inner and outer skin," says Tim Strawson, the founder and managing director of the company. "It comes out the machine onto roller tables where we fabricate the door together, rivet all the parts together, weld it, and put it in a heat press. Each of those takes 15 minutes, so that’s done in under an hour and a half. We put it on a paint line for another 90 minutes, then it takes an hour to put the hardware on." The change is dramatic.