The ideal press brake for every need

As seen in IPF, November 2021

Like all Salvagnini technologies, B3.AU-TO is therefore the ideal solution for the Industry 4.0 paradigm, and can be easily integrated into the company ecosystem.

Automatic set-up and tool change are the two most obvious strengths of B3.AU-TO, the Salvagnini press brake. Designed combining features and benefits of electric and hydraulic solutions, aside from the batch sizes, the shapes to be bent and the experience of the operators, B3.AU-TO significantly extends the availability, autonomy and flexibility of the press brake. Even in the case of advanced, precise and fast technologies, manual press brakes are limited by factors such as re-tooling and set-up times as well as downtimes for sheet metal feeding, programming and part handling and checking. The Salvagnini B3.AU-TO is the definitive solution for all companies having to exceed these limits to cope with a dynamic market, which demands increasingly smaller batches, kit productions or batch-ones with very short lead times.