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OPS: the missing link

ISMR, September 2020

09-25-2020 Read more
Refrigeration and heating specialist: intelligent production system

As seen in, 8th September 2020

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Process efficiency in focus

As seen in Asia Pacific Metalworking Equipment News, July/August 2020

07-28-2020 Read more
Food equipment production process, the Venetian style

As seen in, 24th February 2020

07-24-2020 Read more
Let's write together the future, in a world without boundaries

12th May 2020

05-12-2020 Read more
Salvagnini is panel bending, panel bending is Salvagnini

As seen in IPF Online, February 2020

02-14-2020 Read more
FACE human machine interface wins the German design award

As seen in, 12th February 2020

02-13-2020 Read more
The door to opportunity

As seen in Business Focus Magazine 73, January 2020

01-16-2020 Read more
Professional refrigeration Made in Italy: high tech

As seen in, 9th January 2020

01-09-2020 Read more
Panel bender represents Salvagnini's spirit of innovation

As seen in IPF Magazine, January 2020

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