P4 - Automatic panel bender

The ABA automatic blankholder: making all possible bends

The ABA blankholder changes automatically its configuration and its length according to the dimensions of the panel to bend.

  • Blankholder tool composition takes place in masked time and in-cycle set-up adjustment requires zero time.
  • The operator only has eventually to position the blank on the feeding device and pick the panel up at the end of the bending cycle.

Auxiliary tools for highest flexibility

Sometimes, for special production needs, such as tubular or hidden bends, or handling of very narrow panels it's industrially necessary to use auxiliary tools.

  • T/ P TOOL
  • CLA

T or P auxiliary tools go under the blankholder quickly and automatically. They allow the handling of very narrow profile (in combination with DPM option), the realization of tubular, hidden or radiusing bends or the bending of panels with embossings in particular positions and the cut of profiles.

For some models the automatic T-Tool change device is available. 

CLA tools are used to make bends that are shorter than the side to bend.
They are modular in length,available positive, for making upward tabs, or negative, for making downward tabs; they can engage and disengage quickly and automatically between the blank and the bending blades.

Developed to fit in 8sqm, designed to produce with just 3 kW and optimized to astound you with its bending speed, the P1 is the solution Salvagnini is offering as an alternative to traditional bending.
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P2lean is the ultimate panel bender able to efficiently produce a large variety of parts. Totally automatic, it guarantees that the first part is a good part.
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40 years of P4 panel bender, simply our trademark.
Welcome to factory 4.0.
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L3, the fiber laser build for fiber, is a productive, versatile solution that is both environmentally and user friendly
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With the Salvagnini single-optic cutting head, the compass structure and the cutting parameters developed specifically for it, the L5 provides quality cutting across a wide range of thicknesses with high dynamics.
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The B3 was designed by combining the features and benefits of electric and hydraulic press brakes with Salvagnini's in-depth knowledge of automation, software, mechanics and electronics.
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The press-brake cell with a single controller and single program, ideal for automatic light-out solutions. A single machine capable of satisfying all your production needs accurately and effectively.
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S1 implements innovative and original elements, that make it a solution with a wider range of applications, that goes beyond common similar technology and is unique in the market.
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S4Xe has everything in the right place: a multi-press head for multiple and independent processing, an integrated shear for kit production without waste, an automatic manipulator for precise movements and an optimized machine center for smooth control with no surprises.
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FlexCell combines the features of a Salvagnini panel bender and a press-brake and is the only solution of its kind on the market for getting the most out of bending.
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S4 + P4 line
Flexible manufacturing system. The S4+P4 line is one of Salvagnini’s most popular solutions. It punches, shears and bends sheet metal totally automatically. The first prototype dates back...
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MV Automatic tray store
MV automatic tray stores act as a backbone for the entire factory, coordinating and moving automatically the materials needed for the different machining processes just in time, reducing transfer costs and times, while increasing machine efficiency.
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Automatic Job Shops
In an AJS™ system, panel production through punching, shearing, laser cutting and/or bending is both automatic and flexible, satisfying a wide variety of production strategies, such as lean...
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P4-3816 abt Panel Bender
Year of manufacture: 2005
Warranty: 12 months
Market of destination: All countries
CE declaration: Yes
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