System intelligence, distributed everywhere, continuously enhanced and coordinated in real time to improve performance, bringing production technologies and operators together and allowing information to be processed, communicated and matched. Codes for thinking, planning and programming, guaranteeing maximum simplicity, effectiveness and efficiency, for managing the process as a whole, quickly learning from experience and the surrounding environment, for understanding complex situations and giving them a meaning, and for solving problems.

STREAM is Salvagnini’s answer to the modern industrial context, a programming suite that improves reactivity and reduces costs, operating errors and process inefficiencies. STREAM includes 5 CAM modules associated with each individual technology, the data library software PARTS and the quotation software VALUES.

OPS is the modular production management software. Within the production equation, it acts as the central coordinator, managing and distributing information among all the environments and stakeholders involved, eliminating critical points and drastically improving process efficiency.

LINKS is Salvagnini's IoT solution that increases overall system efficiency. LINKS allows real-time monitoring of machine performance, and independent analysis; it offers real-time access to production data, logbooks, performance KPIs and telemetry, as well as parameter monitoring by the Condition Monitoring process.

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