Punching machines


S1 is a punch-laser combi machine, a true work center that punches, forms, taps, and cuts parts.

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S4 is the world-famous combined punching-shearing center, a legendary machine that has continued to evolve since 1978 and, now as then, guarantees maximum precision, minimum waste, and high efficiency.

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Multi-press head: tools always available

The multi-press head has a die-structure that houses several tools. Each tool is actuated individually and is always available. The multi-press head guarantees high punch-die alignment precision with reduced cycle times, eliminating in-cycle set-ups and the related waiting times.

Salvagnini tools

With thirty years’ experience in tool design and production, Salvagnini oversees the whole manufacturing chain, from the control of the steels used to mechanical machining and assembly, with its own team of professionals.

Modular, scalable automation for regaining efficiency

Automation plays an increasingly key role. Salvagnini loading/unloading and sorting connections satisfy all automation requirements: from stand-alone operation, to integration in flexible cells or in automatic lights-out factories.


Intelligent design, intuitive and easy-to-use: FACE is the Salvagnini human-machine interface for the whole product range.


Industry has changed: flexibility and efficiency are fundamental requirements for managing increasingly smaller batches or rapid item turnover rate.  And developments in technology have in some way upset the balance between workloads, with increasingly fast systems which however need to be guided by more and more specific machine programs, the generation of which is increasingly time-consuming. This is why software is increasingly crucial to improving the efficiency of machinery.

STREAM is Salvagnini’s answer to the modern industrial context, a programming suite that improves reactivity and reduces costs, operating errors and process inefficiencies.

OPS is the Salvagnini modular production management software which optimizes the entire production process, exchanging real-time information between the machinery and the factory ERP/MRP.

Salvagnini’s IoT solution, increases the global efficiency of the punching machine. LINKS allows real-time monitoring of the machine’s performance and independent analysis.

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