All the advantages of a simple press brake


  1. Aspir Mecc
    With a staff of 9, including the owner, and a turnover that has grown over the years, Aspir Mecc works with small and medium businesses by supplying them with HVAC systems and a complete, customized service from design to installation and assistance. 
  2. The industry
    Aspir Mecc built its niche in the world of wood processing machinery. The high level of customization affects the batch sizes and the production strategy: 4/6 panels per filter, plus the top and bottom, produced in kits and often in batch ones. 
  3. The project 
    The item turnover rate is quite high, and consequently so is the machine re-tooling frequency. Precisely to manage this variability in production, in 2020 Aspir Mecc chose a Salvagnini B3: a hybrid press brake with a maximum bending force of 135 tons and maximum bending length of 4250 mm, with 7 axes and 4 backgauges to ensure maximum flexibility in production.
  4. The outcome
    Today Aspir Mecc programs everything in the office: STREAMFORMER automatically proposes the ideal bending sequence. A side effect of programming in office is that it also helps to reduce the tool set-up time: the operators already know which punch is needed, and where it has to be positioned, so they avoid mistakes and wasted time.