The synthesis between industry and craftsmanship


  1. Mazzieri
    With 30 employees and a turnover of around €3.5 million, Mazzieri’s production includes cabinets and boxes for switchboards, particularly for industrial automation, which covers around 80% of its total production capacity. 
  2. The context
    Mazzieri offers a complete catalog of standard products. But the design of tailor-made solutions beyond the catalog range is what receives most attention, and in fact around 70% of production involves some level of customization.
  3. The project 
    With production focused almost entirely on thicknesses between 10/10 and 30/10, mainly polished and galvanized sheet metal, in 2021 Mazzieri replaced an old disk laser with a new Salvagnini L3 fiber laser system with loading/unloading/sorting automation. 
  4. The outcome
    "Today around 95% of our production is done with compressed air. The economic advantage is clear, because we have significantly reduced our consumption of nitrogen and oxygen. We have installed a compressor, which in the summer is powered by our 200kW photovoltaic system: we think that the machine has practically no impact on our overall energy consumption for around six months a year," says Matteo Mazzieri.