We help factories of the future to create anything they can imagine. 

For sixty years, Salvagnini has been designing, producing and selling machine tools, industrial and flexible automation systems for sheet metal processing: punching machines, fiber lasers, panel benders, press brakes, FMS systems, automatic store-towers and software are part of the vast product portfolio of the Group, which is known above all as a world-wide leader in panel bending technology. 

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  • A cutting solution
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  • Bending solutions
  • Flexible manufacturing systems
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We are a global company, with 25 branches dedicated to sales and customer service all over the world. Global presence, local response.



For more than sixty years, we have been designing and selling reliable solutions. We now have 8.000 over active installations in 84 countries.



Four production sites in Italy, and the largest plant in the world totally dedicated to panel benders located in Austria.



We are passionate, curious, and proactive. We work towards innovative solutions. We design adaptive technologies for businesses that look to the future.


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We speak the same language.

The global presence of Salvagnini lets us maintain extensive local coverage through our service centers located in key manufacturing regions around the world. We support your business, assisting you when you need it, where you need it. Global presence, local response.

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