System configurations can have a decisive impact on efficiency. The data from LINKS, the Salvagnini IoT solution, shows that the efficiency of a stand-alone laser system generally does not exceed 60%. This parameter varies with configuration: systems with automation have average efficiency values that are much higher, reaching 80% for horizontal loading/unloading solutions and even 90% if we consider the LTWS store-tower.

The LTWS and LTWS Compact store-towers are designed for unmanned loading, unloading and storage of materials. They are compact in size and have extremely short cycle times of up to 50 seconds. The loading and unloading devices are independent, increasing process efficiency even in extremely rapid cutting programs.

Autonomy is guaranteed by the availability of different materials and thicknesses, crucial for just-in-time production, and by the STORE software, which identifies the empty loading trays as trays on which to stack the machined material. In contexts marked by low volumes and rapid production changes, they can be a winning choice.

The LTWS and LTWS Compact store-towers offer even greater performance when equipped with a sorting device: the automatic MCU or the manual TN. Learn more about our sorting solutions by visiting the dedicated webpage.

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