Salvagnini UK & Ireland is located in Herefordshire in a modern and comfortable owned building. Since 1997, a group of skilled technicians take care of training and after-sales services for UK and Irish companies.

The story of Salvagnini UK & Ireland began in the 1980s, when Malcom Littlewood moved to Sarego. Malcom worked for a few years in Salvagnini Transferica S.p.A. alongside Guido Salvagnini.

A few years later he returned to the United Kingdom and opened Lomir International Ltd to handle sales and service for Salvagnini machines. This company, in the summer of 1997, would give birth to what is now Salvagnini UK & Ireland.

The offices were initially located 10 km from Ross-on-Wye, the city where they are currently located. It was only in 2009, that  the company was moved to the existing modern, open-space offices in the Alton Business Park.

Today, Salvagnini UK & Ireland employs 15 staff, in charge of sales, service, training, and administration activities for the UK and Ireland.