The human-machine interface is often overlooked, but it directly impacts customers, the end-users of the machinery, first-hand. Salvagnini developed a human-machine interface that could satisfy the needs of all stakeholders, from operators to top management.

The result of this journey was christened FACE, an evocative name for a new, intuitive, and flexible human-machine interface, adopted by the whole range of the Salvagnini Group’s products from 2019. FACE, which stands out for its simple use and advanced features, was welcomed by the market with great interest, and has received significant recognition, confirmed also by winning prestigious design awards including the Red Dot Award 2019 and the German Design Award 2020.

With a design consistent across the whole product range, FACE reduces the time required for interaction, as each function is immediately clear and available in just a few clicks. But FACE also simplifies the workflow, offering support for diagnostics with EasyData2.0.

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    FACE, Salvagnini's new human-machine interface, has been available on L3 and L5 since May 2018. It features an intuitive single-window design for a simplified user experience. Created for use on multi-touch displays and easy to use, FACE also comes with new features and applications, such as real-time simulation and EasyData 2.0. 

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    FACE, the Salvagnini human-machine interface, has been available on the B3 since 2018. It features an intuitive single-window design for a streamlined user experience. Tailor-made for, and easy to use on, multi-touch screens, FACE also embeds new functionalities and applications.

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