Press brakes


The B3 was designed by combining the features and benefits of electric and hydraulic press brakes with Salvagnini’s in-depth knowledge of automation, software, mechanics and electronics.

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The Salvagnini robotic bending cell. Depending on the configuration chosen, consists of a B3 press brake, a robot and a number of devices for automatic sheet metal handling.

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Scalable automation

To significantly increase the availability of the press brake, Salvagnini developed 4 automation devices: ATA and ATA.L automatically adjust the length of the upper and lower tools, MVM automatically adapts the die opening, AU-TO automatically sets up the tools.

Direct Drive

Ram movements are driven by two independent direct-drive brushless motors, which allow both fast approach and fast return movements to be achieved, with speeds as high as 250 mm/s.

KERS: energy recovery system

B3 can be equipped with a proprietary system that recovers energy waste and reuses it in subsequent steps, accelerating and reaching higher speeds with the same consumption.


Intelligent design, intuitive and easy-to-use: FACE is the Salvagnini human-machine interface, which minimizes the operational complexity of the press brake.

Unbeatable stroke

Salvagnini offers a wide range of models, with strokes of 300 to 450 mm according to size, to meet all production requirements and maximize the use of the press brake.


Industry has changed: flexibility and efficiency are fundamental requirements for managing increasingly smaller batches or rapid item turnover rate.  And developments in technology have in some way upset the balance between workloads, with increasingly fast systems which however need to be guided by more and more specific machine programs, the generation of which is increasingly time-consuming. This is why software is increasingly crucial to improving the efficiency of machinery.

STREAM is Salvagnini’s answer to the modern industrial context, a programming suite that improves reactivity and reduces costs, operating errors and process inefficiencies.

OPS is the Salvagnini modular production management software which optimizes the entire production process, exchanging real-time information between the machinery and the factory ERP/MRP.

Salvagnini’s IoT solution, increases the global efficiency of the press brake. LINKS allows real-time monitoring of the machine’s performance and independent analysis.

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