Meeting your needs, whatever they are

The real meaning of the word services is to create value. Salvagnini’s services are a tangible value expressed in different ways: from pre-sales consulting to the supply of components and maintenance kits, from multi-level training to service level agreements, and from servicing to analysis and data-driven optimization of production flows using the most modern digital tools.

Services that make a difference

The license portal is a web platform reserved for authorized operators and customers, where you can download and manage all your Salvagnini software licenses.

License portal

Download and manage all your software licenses
The maintenance contracts are designed to improve system performance and minimize unplanned machine stoppages.

Maintenance contracts

The maintenance kits are modular. You can purchase just the consumables and the most frequently used components at preferential conditions, or the parts you can replace independently, or all the components that are most likely to need to be replaced over time. Doing so, you reduce machine downtimes and running costs.

Maintenance kits

Acty is the augmented reality application that makes remote support much more effective. With Acty, diagnosing a malfunction and identifying the solution is quick and simple. Available for Android or iOS devices, Acty minimizes machine downtimes and the intervention of Salvagnini engineers on site.
LINKS is the IoT service that improves the overall effectiveness of Salvagnini systems, using the latest business intelligence technologies.


Salvagnini offers its customers the possibility to improve the performance of every system, by adding new functions after the initial installation. Hardware and software can be renewed with updates and upgrades.


System improvement modifications
Salvagnini also offers different levels of training course, to program, use and maintain the systems installed, and to exploit their potential to the full. In addition to standard courses, individual training courses structured to meet specific needs are also available.

Training course

Overhauling services ensure the performance and value of a system over time. Following an in-depth inspection, the Salvagnini specialists intervene to replace or recondition worn components, using kits that are prepared and tested at HQ and, where possible, update them so as to avoid obsolescence.


We develop tailor-made programs designed to continuously improve the performance of your systems. For each Salvagnini system there are custom interfaces, perfectly adaptable to specific production needs. We install the new software directly, taking care to keep your machine’s potential up-to-date, facilitating start-up, programming and operation.

Software supplies

Salvagnini systems are built to evolve over the years in support of your changing production needs. We are continuously designing specific mechanical supplies for each of our product lines to meet your growing needs, to optimize productivity and to maximize the flexibility of your Salvagnini system.

Hardware supplies

It is essential that Salvagnini systems are only moved according to precise protocols, entrusted to highly trained staff. During these delicate operations, we offer advice on transportation, relocation and installation at your facility in accordance with the physical characteristics of the building.


We replace any damaged component, wherever you are, in the shortest time possible. To better identify the spare parts you need, we use a digital warehouse unique to each and every branch worldwide.

Spare parts

We translate your needs into workable solutions. We work with you to define and select the solution that best suits your business needs, drawing on a full range of bending and punching tools designed for Salvagnini production systems.


Using advanced trouble-shooting tools developed for each product line, we can guarantee timely analysis of operating problems, regardless of the Salvagnini system in operation. By identifying the type and source of fault using remote diagnostics, we can avoid the time lag in sending a technician on-site, and can solve the problem quickly to minimize downtime.

Remote diagnostics

Global presence,
local response

Salvagnini has a global presence with extensive local coverage, thanks to 36 service centers strategically located in key manufacturing regions around the world. Our mission is to support your business, assisting you where you need it, when you need it. Beyond every border.

Salvagnini is a manufacturing company, in the secondary sector, producing premium-level machine tools. But a significant part of our business lies in the tertiary sector, that of services. We are beyond.

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