Laser systems


The L3 is a versatile, multi-purpose laser designed for transversal use, whatever the applications, materials and thicknesses.

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The L5 is a particularly high-performing laser with high dynamics on thin and medium-thin thicknesses.

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The result of extensive experience in the field

Salvagnini was one of the first companies in the world to invest in fiber technology. Salvagnini laser comes from this long-standing tradition: it is a versatile, productive solution, with reduced consumption and competitive running costs, that respects the environment, humans and their work.

Cutting with compressed air

ACUT, the Salvagnini option that extends the possibilities of the L3 and L5 and allows cutting with appropriately treated compressed air, can now cut thicknesses of up to 20 mm.

Modular, scalable automation for regaining efficiency

In the laser world, automation is playing an increasingly key role. Salvagnini loading/unloading and sorting connections satisfy all automation requirements: from stand-alone operation, to integration in flexible cells or in automatic lights-out factories.


Intelligent design, intuitive and easy-to-use: FACE is the Salvagnini human-machine interface for the whole product range. 

LTWS and LTWS Compact

Store-towers designed for unmanned loading, unloading and storage of materials. They are compact in size and have extremely short cycle times of up to 50 seconds.

Sorting solutions

Sorting solutions optimize production flows and part traceability, whether they are manual or automatic.


Industry has changed: flexibility and efficiency are fundamental requirements for managing increasingly smaller batches or rapid item turnover rate.  And developments in technology have in some way upset the balance between workloads, with increasingly fast systems which however need to be guided by more and more specific machine programs, the generation of which is increasingly time-consuming. This is why software is increasingly crucial to improving the efficiency of machinery.

STREAM is Salvagnini’s answer to the modern industrial context, a programming suite that improves reactivity and reduces costs, operating errors and process inefficiencies.

OPS is the Salvagnini modular production management software which optimizes the entire production process, exchanging real-time information between the machinery and the factory ERP/MRP.

Salvagnini’s IoT solution, increases the global efficiency of the laser system. LINKS allows real-time monitoring of the machine’s performance and independent analysis.

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