One machine inventory, two companies (in one)


  1. LISA
    LISA S.r.l. is a subcontractor specialized in machining steel and aluminum parts, with a specific expertise in the kitchen furnishing sector, which also manufactures its own range of products for the outdoor kitchen world.
  2. The background
    The relationship between LISA and Salvagnini dates back to 2007, when the first laser was purchased. 
  3. The project 
    In 2021 LISA purchased a P4 panel bender. Cutting-edge technology that is often considered unsuited to the jobshop world but which gave LISA the opportunity to take things to the next level.
  4. The outcome
    "The Salvagnini P4 panel bender is the ideal machine for producing large batches as well as batch-ones, especially for products with high added value that justify the investment," says the owner Giovanni Trave.