Highly-efficient kit production from batch-one


  1. Erhart
    Erhart GmbH has been producing wall hydrant cabinets for more than 50 years. It's the last Austrian manufacturer in this industry. The company also specialises in firefighter wardrobes, sold under the well-known name of Wagner Garderoben.
  2. The context
    In the last few years, it has become increasingly clear that it would have been impossible for Erhart to meet production targets due to low staff numbers and a shortage of machinery.
  3. The project 
    After constructing a new hall, Erhart decided to invest in new machinery and choose a Salvagnini S4+P4 production line. The whole process, including punching, bending, and robotic stacking of sheet metal components, is now totally automated. 
  4. The outcome
    Thanks to Salvagnini's S4+P4 line in use since December 2021, Erhart can now manufacture batch-one, make-to-order products in a very flexible, fast, and simple manner. With the complete elimination of the setup times and part handling between the machines, Erhart sped up production times by at least 40% while reducing energy consumption by 55%.

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