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The lean production journey


  1. Zhu Cheng
    Founded in 1998, China Zhu Cheng Group is a technology-oriented manufacturing enterprise. Driven by strong production and research capacity and utilizing advanced production tools and equipment, it has evolved into a modern professional manufacturer, providing a full range of security doors.
  2. The context
    All Zhu Cheng door products were manufactured according to the traditional production process, requiring both manual and traditional machinery. It first used turret punch presses to complete the punching processes, and then employed traditional press brakes to complete the bending processes. Loading and unloading required a lot of manpower at the time.
  3. The outcome
    The unique multi-press head, universal bending tools and patented program control software of the Salvagnini S4+P4 line allow it to run in a fully automatic and highly integrated way, without the need for re-tooling during the process. This minimizes the risk of errors, and guarantees machining accuracy by maintaining highly consistent quality, whether manufacturing a single product or a variety of products.

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Hear what Zhang XinGen, CEO of Zhu Cheng Group, says about the Salvagnini S4+P4 FMS.