Taking on sheet metal challenges


  1. Daken
    Daken S.p.A. is a consolidated name in the production of polypropylene plastic accessories for the automotive and fire-fighting sectors.
  2. The context
    With injection molding, Daken were bound to the molds and cannot produce off-standard. In addition, in some countries, such as Scandinavia, the USA, Canada and Australia, steel continues to be preferred, both for its strength and for a matter of philosophy. 
  3. The project 
    Daken’s sheet metal needs required a high level of customization. This approach led the company to look for a flexible technology which could help offering tailored solutions, at the same time optimizing the process. After an in-depth analysis, the choice fell on a Salvagnini flexible manufacturing system. 
  4. The outcome
    "Today our strategy is just in time, and this allows us to efficiently manage the mix of standard products and custom products without stocking huge quantities of semi-finished parts in the warehouse: a huge economic and logistic benefit," explains Luca Corrado, Daken Plant Manager.